The MP600 Series are M8 and M12 cylindrical mechanical sensors.

The long life sensing mechanism is designed to accurately detect two positions with a high degree of repeatability and no measurable hysteresis.


• No switching hysteresis
• 1 Device – 2 switching points
• Extended temperature range
M8 and M12 formats
• Easy mounting and adjustment




The MP600 series of mechanical position sensors detect one or two positions within a single, compact electromechanical component.


Two independent commutations can sense two previously defined positions to within a few microns of accuracy. The two positions can be set specifically for each application, between 0.3mm and 1.5mm and require no further calibration. The fixed NC and NO contacts activate with no measurable hysteresis. Repeatability is less than 5 µm and, depending on cable selection, the operating temperature can go from -40°C up to 130°C. The cable can be supplied with a connector termination, typically M8 or M12.



Applications are in the automation, process control and OEM industries that require today two switches for position control. The MP600 series solves the time consuming adjustments required because of the hysteresis effect caused by the sensors or snap action switches currently used. Initially designed for compact detection of status and wear of industrial safety brakes, numerous other uses are envisaged, in particular in the field of industrial automation. They include accurate position referencing as well as upper and lower threshold detection in process control applications.

For ease of integration and enhanced functionality, custom housing shapes can be easily implemented. 



Technical  Characteristics


Degree of protection


Termination Cable overmoulded / Connector
Power Rating 30VDC / 20 - 200mA
Operating Force Range

max. 1 N to open NC

max. 1.6 N to close NO


-40°C to 130°C with SI cable

-20°C to 105°C with PVC cable

Hysteresis 0 mm
Repeatibility < 5 µm

0 mm for NC contact

0.3 mm - 1.5mm for NO contact


2 mm after NC opening for pin version

1.7 mm after NC opening for ball version

Mechanical Life 10 x 106 cycles







The sensors are built with a NC and NO contact. There is no pre-travel of the pin plunger to open the NC contact.
The NO closes after a customized length of travel between 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm.


MP600 Schéma électrique






M8 with pin

M8 with ball

M12 with pin

M12 with ball






  With Cable With Circular connector 4 pins  










M12 Circuit male





Ordering information


  MP6 0 1 - L 0 0 -C 1 0


0 : M8 Metal IP67

2 : M12 Metal IP67

5 : M8 Metal IP50

7 : M12 Metal IP50


Contact Material

1 : Gold



0 : Pin

1 : Ball


Contact Distance

0 : 0.5mm Change Over

1 : 1.0mm Change Over

2 : 1.5mm Change Over

3 : NC only

4 : NO only 0.5mm

5 : NO only 1.0mm

6 : NO only 1.5mm



0 : 0.5m PVC

1 : 1m PVC

2 : 2m PVC



0 : Without

1 : Circular M12 - 4 pin

2 : Circular M8 - 4 pin






Material of Cable

     : Blank, PVC

SI : Silicone, not available with circular connector