Microprecision Electronics SA

Microprecision Electronics SA is a company of swiss origin. Founded in 1956 on Lake Geneva in the heart of Europe, the company started as a supplier of the Swiss watch industry. Its competencies in manufacturing precision parts led to the development of microswitches. Because of the growing success, the company decided to concentrate on the switch product line., more specifically on sealed switches. Today the products are sold all around the world.

In 2005 the ever-increasing demand from the united states let to the formation of its subsidiary Microprecision Electronics Inc., based in Minneapolis, MN, to even better support its American customers. With the acquisition of the LEDCO business of Wilbrecht Electronics Inc. in 2008, the company extended even more its presence in that important market.

Wilbrecht Ledco Inc.

Wilbrecht electronics Inc. was founded in 1956 to provide the hearing aid industry with the world’s smallest precision potentiometers and switches. As the business expanded, speciality precision components were designed and manufactured for the pocket pager and TENS medical markets. In the 1980’s the product focus changed to high-rel aerospace connectors, metal foil resistors and custom packaging of indicator lights. Wilbrecht components have been widely used by NASA and the military for cutting edge programs such as the Cassini Saturn Space Probe and all major missile systems. In 2008 Wilbrecht Electronics Inc. sold its Ledco business to Microprecision electronics SA. This entity is now operating under Wilbrecht LEDCO inc., with manufacturing in South Dakota and a sales office in St. Paul,MN.